Frank D. Porter, owner and operator of Almost Perfect Landscaping, began his early education at Hackensack High School. Next he attained his BA degree in Marketing at Saint Peters College of Jersey City. Following St. Peters, he attained certificates at Rutgers Cook College for Landscape Architecture. While running his company, his passion to help people drove him to further seek higher education in the School of Social Work, also at Rutgers.

almost PERFECT Jasminum polyanthum

a breath of fresh air

As the seasons change and winter rolls in less time is spent outdoors and more time is spent indoors resulting in a likely change of air quality. Unbeknownst to many, as we go about our daily tasks, indoor toxins can have a dramatic and drastic impact on our well being and health, potenially leading to asthma, many allergies, inflamations and even some types of cancer. So what’s the solution? Simple. Use house plants, they are cost effective costing only a few dollars and taking care of them is both educational and relaxing.

Selection and Care of Christmas Trees

It’s that time of the year. Christmas trees are everywhere in a variety of species, sizes and colors. Some live, some cut. The popularity of a live Christmas Tree has been on the rise for several years, but all to often many of these trees do not survive long after the “big day” is past so we thought we’d pass along these tips on choosing, planting and caring for your live Christmas tree. The most important aspect to consider when making your purchase is to make sure you pick a variety that will grow well in our area.

an almost PERFECT lunch in the garden

An early thanksgiving feast

Gourmet in the Garden is what this squirrel found at our home. When the peanut butter jar gets down less than 1/4 full it’s time to open up a new jar and share the open jar. Sometimes I lay the jar on its side somewhere under cover from predators within one of our beds with the top off of course. I try to place the peanut butter so i can watch from somewhere inside the house. It doesn’t take them long to find it and after a few jars they sorta come to expect it.

This one was nailed to a tree elevated so we could watch the comedy unfold. It gets really good when more than one moves in to eat. Also squirrels really go “NUTZ” over almond butter, which is better for them anyway.