Inner City Gardening

Landscaping Services in Bergen County

Landscaping in the inner almost PERFECT Landscaping inner city water gardenscity revitalizes neighborhoods and increases home values. Researchers from the American Real Estate and Urban Economics Association studied the effect of a new community garden in New York City on home values in a 1000-foot ring around the garden. They found that in poor neighborhoods, after 5 years the community garden increased home values by as much as 9%.

almost PERFECT Landscaping specializes in creating gardens within the inner city residential and business areas. The choices are almost as plentiful as those of suburban dwellers. From water gardens with cascading fountains providing relaxing sound of running water to window boxes or container plantings full of colorful anuals and perennials. We can help you improve your property value and enjoy your atmosphere while bringing “green” living back to the city.

You don’t need to be restricted by you small spaces. Many plants grow well and provide useful functions within confined areas. Flowering annuals provide almost PERFECT container gardeninga pleasant appearance in these container plantings while a trellis with a upright growing plant helps to hide the electrical box and lines. A decorative planting of succulents in a circular planter is filled with a variety of plant species.

almost PERFECT Landscaping provides inner city gardening and landscaping services as well as maintenance programs within the city environment.

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