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offers lawn mowing services in the bergen county area. Proper mowing techniques play a vital role in the health of your lawn. Did you know that mowing the lawn in actually beneficial and healthy for the lawn. You are giving it a haircut, trimming the oldest section of grass since it grows from the bottom up.

Cutting higher – typically the top third – shades roots and promotes a root system that is deeper. Deep roots can reach water that is deeper in the soil, giving grass reserve power that enables it to get through dry spells.

Different kinds of grass require different trimming heights. Typically, cool-season grass ought to be trimmed at three and one-half inches. Warm-season grasses should be trimmed at a height of two inches.

Grass-cycling may be done at the same time as the lawn is mowed. This process is important because it puts nutrients back in the soil while disposing of lawn debris.

A lawn mower that mulches will cut and recut grass trimmings into small pieces. Since grass trimmings are 85% water, they quickly decompose, releasing nitrogen and additional nutrients that nourish the lawn.

Grass-cycling is like doing an additional fertilizing each year and also plays a major role in preventing thatch. University tests have proved that mulched trimmings in a thin layer will promote microbial activity and fight the development of fungal disease.

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