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Drainage is an important aspect of keeping your home protected. Nobody likes to mop up water in their basements and have their valuables destroyed. These types of drainage situations can be avoided by simply looking at the existing conditions and making adjustments accordingly. almost PERFECT water flow away from homeWater should always be redirected as far away from the house as possible. Materials of consideration must be able to handle not only normal rains but handle the volume associated with flash flooding. Careful evaluation is necessary in order to avoid costly mistakes. Sometimes the simplest solution is the most cost effective.

First and foremost you need to identify the problem you have. Is water a problem on your property or do you want to ensure that it won’t be? That being said, there are certain signs that can be identified early to avoid costly repairs later. Poor drainage can destroy your home! It is very important that water can flow away from your structure. If storm water is allowed to pond near your foundation, you are asking for a wet basement or perhaps something even worse.

Almost Perfect offers drainage solutions in the Bergen County, New Jersey. We specialize in preventative drainage solutions, including the design and installation of French drains, trench drains, and surface drains. Water problems can cause a great deal of potential damage and should not be ignored. We can address issues such as almost PERFECT Landscaping drainage serviceslow spots in the yard, insufficient drainage around down spouts and gutters, areas of standing water, and Sub Surface Drainage problems that can cause basement flooding.

Our drainage solutions can help to prevent mold, foundation damage, slippery or dangerous areas, and other issues that arise from seepage and penetration of water.
You can rest assured that water and drainage issues will be addressed before problems can become too big to handle.

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