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When people think of landscapers and lawn maintenance firms they seldom think of drainage work being in their repertoire. But then again, after years of dealing with many clients over a period of years, certain projects arise that “almost” PERFECT is well able to handle. While we aren’t a jack-of-all-trades; we do offer other services such as gutter cleaning, driveway sealing and we do and can handle drainage issues.

Exterior Drainage Solutions in Bergen CountyI received a call from a potential customer requesting me to look at a dilemma that his builder had left him with at his recently purchased and newly renovated home in Ridgewood, NJ. Upon arrival, I noticed a big problem. The side door providing access to the residence was located along the driveway and was installed so low that during a heavy rain storm, water could and did easily pool up and enter the house.

The other problem I noticed was that his basement windows along the driveway were also at ground level; allowing water to pool and seep into the interior, and during the winter snow and ice would build up over the window, adding more to the problem. This clearly is a drainage job.

In order to solve these problems, we installed a drainage channel box in front of the door which catches the water and directs it towards the street before it pools at the doorway.

As for the basement windows;  a simple window well and the mounding the soil away from the house solved this problem. Sometimes Drainage problems are not always as simply to solve as this one. Water can be sneaky and seep into every possible unforeseen area.  There are many solutions for drainage problems. Experience is your best friend when it comes to drainage.

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