Emerson N.J. Water Feature

Landscaping Services in Bergen County

This project was completed in conjunction with the expertise of Liquid Designs, considered one of the area’s finest water garden experts, utilizing the design layout of almost perfect landscaping. Together we collaborated to complete a project that has been seen as nothing less than spectacular.

The setting for this design is located at 318 Kindermacack Rd. Emmerson NJ, on one of the most traveled roads in the area. In preparation for the water feature; we removed all vegetation and groundcover to start with a clean slate. The first step entailed digging a large pit that was to become our water retention center. After careful excavation we installed our retention crates and protection liner. Then the fun began.

One of the most time consuming parts of any water feature is the setting of each and every boulder within the water garden. It often represents one of the largest parts of the budget too. Each rock is carefully examined to expose it best face. It is gently place with careful precision not puncture any part of the liner. Once the larger stones are placed, smaller ones are strategically installed to help create the natural effect that all water features should poses.

The final stages are to test the water flow and install all vegetation to have the water feature blend into the environment not standing out like a sore thumb. This water garden was installed December of 2015 so stick around to see the additions of this magnificent project as the final stages will be completed by the spring of 2016.

You have not seen anything seen anything yet.

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