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Where the Wild Things are

an almost PERFECT Dream


Thirty Five Years! That’s how long I’ve been doing this.

Twelve Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Five Days

Three Hundred and Six Thousand Three Hundred Hourslandscapers-in-demarest

and I have never seen anything like this one before. When I pulled up to this little Suburbia mansion my first thought was that I had hit the Jack Pot. My second thought after conversing with them was I hit another Crack Pot.

This unique client had one of the most unusual requests I had ever received in all the 35 years of me being in business. So much came out of left field so fast I couldn’t comprehend the scope of what the client was describing.

Moving into this quite beautiful abode from Manhattan this customer had a few unique tastes. Here I am showing up for the first time and before I can even meet the owner I had to navigate myself through “escape from planet of the apes”.

I thought “this project is either going to be a winner or a real “nutcase”. Needless to say; “birds of a feather do flock together” and her and I got along just great. I left with another lawn maintenance client to take care of.

an almost PERFECT RingleaderSo for a few months we were taking care of the lawn, doing the usual trimming and other tasks and then one day we showed up and the “gators” were roamin the yard. I darn near had some almost PERFECT Sh__t in my pants. There they were 8 or 9 foot in length, mouths wide open with teeth agape. See ya later alligator…..

We retreated to the safety of the vehicles and after donning the proper attire (see image to left), I tamed those savage beasts…

But that wasn’t the end. A few months later the phone rings. She casually mentioned an idea and asked me if I could add / install a “FARM” in her backyard. I was like “who is this – OLD McDonald – is this a joke. demarest nj farmland

But she was serious and explained to me that she was not kidding! I then asked them what they were smoking because I wanted some too. She began to explain her intense allergenic bronchial system.

Also she added that her time spent outside was very limited due to her severe condition and that she always longed for the farmer’s life as a little girl and as such wanted to recreate those dreams today.

That’s when it all began to make PERFECT SENSE and I was all in.

After all, who wouldn’t want to be “Mr. GreenJeans” for a day. Tell ya what, this was a Captain Kangaroo style project. And a morale booster for the whole company. How could it not be? And the crew had a blast doing this project. Some of them were literally begging me to let them work on this one.

So here’s what we did.

We removed all the grass under the area for the farm animals. Next we added a weed barrier and installed a decorative stone. The border of larger stones kept all the decorative stone in place. Not to mention the cost of the larger stone. FREE. The final touches on this install were the simple pole style corral I designed and installed. This lovely farm is seen from practically every window of this house.

landscaping-contractors-in-bergen-countyAnd then there is the deer problem. Come on, as a landscaper i realize that deer can be a major problem at times in this area, but how about seeing this every day on your patio right outside the the family room in the morning while having your cup of “java”. It would wake me up.

I know this job is not over. These are the clients I enjoy working most with because our collaborative effort keeps me creative interested no matter what the project is.

I will keep you informed to the additions of this unique project in Demarest N.J. Just remember you never know what is lurking around the next corner.

If you have a need for decorative landscaping stone within your residential or commercial property setting and aren’t sure of just what you need, give almost PERFECT Landscaping a call at 201-301-6979 or drop us a line today and we’ll be glad to help you with your project.

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