Specimen Trees and Focal Points

Specimen Tree Focal Point Planting - almost PERFECT Landscaping of Bergen County

Proper plant selection |  almost PERFECT Landscaping

It is easy to remember what “specimen” plants are if you learn the Latin root that the word is based upon. The Latin root, spec– means “to look at.” Consequently, a specimen plant is one you would single out in your landscape as being particularly worth looking at and thereby deserving of “center stage” in your yard.

Often this will be a tree, but it could also be a shrub, perennial, or other plant if it is sufficiently large, especially showy, cuts a bold figure, or strikes the eye as being quite unusual.

An example of a specimen plant is a flowering or evergreen tree that has a prominent spot reserved for it on a lawn. What type of tree should you use? For example, if you have a favorite color, you might make your selection from a number of candidates whose flowers or foliage sport that particular color. But it could be any visual attribute that you, yourself attach value to. A Weeping Colorado Spruce would and does contrast nicely against light colored or brick and stone structures with its deep and dark green needles and weeping habit providing a pleasant visual appearance.

An in-depth explanation of tree selection criteria is available to the right.

Examples of Specimen Trees and Focal Points for landscaping are show below
Specific plant information available on link above image.

Juniper Pom Pom - almost PERFECT Landscaping

Yoshino Cherry - almost PERFECT Landscaping

Weeping Alaskan Cedar

Weeping Spruce Arbor - almost PERFECT Lanscaping

Hinoki Cypress - almost PERFECT Landscaping

Hydrangea paniculata Tree Hydrangea

Dwarf Colorado Blue Spruce - almost PERFECT Landscaping

Juniperus chinensis 'Blue Point' spiral - almost PERFECT Landscaping of Bergen County

Deodar Cedar

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