an almost PERFECT lunch in the garden

An early thanksgiving feast

Gourmet in the Garden is what this squirrel found at our home. When the peanut butter jar gets down less than 1/4 full it’s time to open up a new jar and share the open jar. Sometimes I lay the jar on its side somewhere under cover from predators within one of our beds with the top off of course. I try to place the peanut butter so i can watch from somewhere inside the house. It doesn’t take them long to find it and after a few jars they sorta come to expect it.

This one was nailed to a tree elevated so we could watch the comedy unfold. It gets really good when more than one moves in to eat. Also squirrels really go “NUTZ” over almond butter, which is better for them anyway.

almost PERFECT Landscaping

Design next years garden today

The most important aspects of a successful landscape design happen long before the digging of the first hole. Thorough and careful observation of the layout and much planning is needed to create a landscape that will functional and pleasing in appearance. It doesn’t matter if it is a new property or the improvement of existing landscaped beds, you might want to consider getting a landscape design plan in place for next spring.

Implementing landscaping / gardening design modifications, changes and upgrades well ahead-of-time provides opportunities, many advantages and other benefits such as:
GUARANTEED scheduling of landscape design services earlier in the spring.
Additional time to research and finalize the changes of the existing landscape design
Sufficient time allotted to obtain plants or materials
Sufficient time for budgeting of costs before the landscaping work begins
Potential savings from off-season, early-bird, or promotional discounts



“Walked for half an hour in the garden beds yesterday morning. A fine rain was falling, and the landscape was that of autumn. The sky was hung with various shades of gray, and mists hovered about the distant mountains – a melancholy nature. The leaves were falling on all sides like the last illusions of youth under the tears of irremediable grief. A brood of chattering birds were chasing each other through the shrubberies, and playing games among the branches, like a knot of hiding schoolboys.

Porter James Lagala

Welcome Porter

Almost PERFECT Landscaping would like to welcome our newest member of the team. Porter James Lagala. Porter brings to APLNJ a wealth of information regarding organic composting and organic waste removal. He has a lot to teach Frank D. Porter about recycling and organic materials and/or product themselves.

Porter James will be on call in the office, but due to the nature of his strenuous activities, he does tend to take numerous feeding and napping breaks. However his input, or shall we say “OUTPUT” is very organic in nature and thereby noteworthy of immediate attention.