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Lets face facts; to most home owners, the term shade gardening causes hesitation with regards to plants to use in the gardens. This can be a blessing in disguise, but does present challenges to incorporate a cohesive landscape throughout. In my gardens there are areas of deep shade, dappled shade and filtered light shade. Then there are also smaller plots of dappled shade areas with a red maple casting shadows and a japanese yoshino cherry providing filtered shade in the corner. All of this in an area only 80 ft wide.

To bring this all together I utilized simple design techniques that draws ones eyes and feet through the garden, oblivious to whether it be part shade or deep shade. I repeated colors, plants, materials and focal points to add cohesiveness. I utilized the maple canopy for a bed of ferns, dayliles, hostas, and iris and added containers for accent. Along the residence I utilized ferns, perennials for full sun and added seasonal color.

In the rear beds I utilized a pathway made of field stone to convey one from one bed to another. Beneath the smaller rear maple is a garden bench, with decor for relaxation, leading to a japanese style rock garden only 10 ft away in full sun. The ground was my canvas, much like an artist, to which I added edging and decor.

Hardscape materials are also the bones of my landscape, giving it dimension and character any time of year. So the campania statue that graces the one shady bed area, also flanks my garden path and is used to create a visual effect along the perennial borders where full sun is prevalent. Overall, the effect is that of a single garden edged in stone—even though it encompasses both part shade and deep shade areas.

In most cases all it takes is a “vision”. if you have one it more than like can be achieved with the proper design, thought process and incorporation into the existing landscape. Our years of experience designing landscaped gardens and properties, combined with your vision can together create your desired landscaping.

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