Evergreen Shrubs and Their Uses

Evergreen Shrubs and Their Uses

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Add year-round color to your garden with evergreen shrubs. These beauties don’t drop their leaves when winter rolls around, and many of them offer spectacular flowers in the spring and summer and colorful berries in the fall. Do you want shrubbery that’s fast growing, evergreen, and tall, to block your neighbor’s view of your property and provide privacy? Did you know that in addition to creating an attractive sight line, plants absorb pollutants and noise?

For a fast-growing, column-shaped shrub that creates privacy and blocks wind, consider the emerald green arborvitae. Suitable for zones 4 to 9, this soft, scented evergreen thrives in full sun in a variety of soils. Need to accent a focal point or need a formal garden look? Dwarf English boxwood, or Buxus Sempervirens, is a pungent scented evergreen with soft, glossy little leaves that grow in round bushes. Boxwood is a slow grower, but a great investment, as it may live over 100 years!

There are well over one hundred native and introduced evergreen shrubs within the landscapes and forests of the United States and they all vary considerably as to growth habit, texture and color and growth rate. One thing they all have in common is they all provide energy conservation benefits year round. When properly planted and maintained they can reduce the harsh cold winds of winter and provide the benefits of shade during the hot summer season.

They are excellent for windbreaks and privacy screenings as they keep their foliage year round. By breaking the wind speed they help to conserve energy within building structures. In the summer time they provide shade, keeping building surfaces cooler and allowing for less heat transfer to the inside.As for groundcovers they can’t be beat. A few of them strategically planted on a slope will

a few years provide expansive coverage of a low height and greatly reduce soil erosion, while at the same time providing hues of greens, blues and grays changing with the seasons. Many also produce berries beneficial to the sustainability of wildlife and migratory birds.

Within the gallery of images below you can find evergreen shrubs suitable for the Northern New Jersey area as well as a brief description of their growth habits and benefits and/or uses.

Evergreen Shrubs for Bergen County - Birds Nest Spruce

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