Residential and Commercial Lawn Seeding

  • An almost PERFECT Residential Lawn in Bergen County
    An almost PERFECT Residential Lawn in Bergen County
  • almost PERFECT Lawn Seeding and Over-seeding in Bergen County
    almost PERFECT Lawn Seeding and Over-seeding in Bergen County
  • almost PERFECT Lawn Maintenance in Bergen County
    almost PERFECT Lawn Maintenance in Bergen County
  • almost PERFECT Grass Root Growth
    almost PERFECT Grass Root Growth
  • An almost PERFECT Lush Green Lawn
    An almost PERFECT Lush Green Lawn

almost PERFECT Landscaping

almost PERFECT blade of grass plant detailYour home is usually your biggest investment and homeowners who take pride in their property generally want a lush, green lawn during the spring, summer and early fall. The look and feel of healthy grass cannot be beaten, and one of the key steps to achieving a lawn that looks like it came straight out of a home and garden magazine is appropriate seeding.

Lawn seeding can be done by a homeowner, but it is more effective and successful when completed by a professional lawn care company. A professional will be able to tell more about the content of the soil and what types of grass will grow well in an individual yard, considering sunlight, shade, soil, and other factors, than a homeowner generally can

The first step to seeding a lawn is to determine what type of seeding is needed. Some lawns need all-over help, and others need care in patches. Lawns can become thin and patchy in places due to cold or too-hot weather, insects and diseases in the grass. These lawns can be seeded sporadically to achieve regrowth in areas where additional help is needed. Spot seeding can be used to fix areas that have been worn down by repeated traffic and patches that have died.

A professional lawn care service will make sure that the number one rule of seeding a lawn is followed by using top quality seed. Results from cheaper or lower quality grass seed are questionable, so spending a little more time and money on a top-of-the-line brand is necessary to get desired results. A second rule to follow is to make sure the seeds make contact with the soil. Third, the seeds must get plenty of water to make sure they germinate and take root in the soil.

The soil is still warm enough to germinate seeds, but the cool air invites grass to grow a strong root system. That’s why fall is the best time for seeding and feeding your lawn. It will look great in the spring, and will be better able to resist weeds and summer stresses.

Our seeding services incorporate all three methods of seed application treatments:

  • Lawn renovation: Completely putting in a new lawn, whether it is for a new home, or for an existing lawn that is being completely redone.
  • Spot seeding: Seeding bare patches on the lawn, can fix specific areas, such as those damaged by pet urine, disease, pests, or wear and tear.
  • Overseeding: This will refresh your lawn with new, young, blades of grass, to help make a lawn look lush and green.

Getting the Most Out of Lawn Seeding Services

As lawns deteriorate and don’t recover in the fall, something has to be done to fill them back in so that weeds don’t invade empty or thin spaces. In order to get new grass seed to grow, a few factors are essential:

  • Good Soil-to-Seed Contact:  Throwing grass seed on top of hard, compacted soil isn’t ideal for germination. Grass seed gets its best start in loosened soil where it can quickly establish a root system. For this reason, we perform lawn aeration services immediately before overseeding a lawn. The resulting small holes and plugs on top of the soil provide a great environment for you to get the most out of lawn seeding services.
  • Ample, Consistent Moisture:  An essential element required to get grass seeds to germinate is moisture. Watering lawns on a consistent and methodical basis after lawn seeding services is the most important thing you can do to get the most bang for your buck.
  • Nutrient-Rich Soil:  Young grass seedlings need nutrients to mature into mature grass plants over the following 9-12 months. Fertilizing lawns with Phosphorus immediately after lawn seeding services will help seedlings to get the jumpstart they need to survive, but an ongoing lawn care program will also provide the nutrition they need to thrive.

The almost PERFECT Benefits of Lawn Seeding

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