almost PERFECT Frequently Asked Questions

almost PERFECT Frequently Asked Questions

We service both residential and commercial properties and clientele with a diverse selection of property maintenance services geared to the individual’s own needs and scheduling. Our trained personnel will adhere to strict programs specifications for each and every job project.

At almost PERFECT Landscaping, we have developed, along with our clientele, three distinct yet basic programs which can include any one or more of our services offered. We can “tune” a property maintenance plan to suit your needs and budget.

MIN – Minimum Lawn Care
Fall Cleanup
Spring Cleanup
Weekly Lawn Mowing
Full Season Fertilization Program

MOD – Moderate Lawn Care
All Cleanups
Weekly Lawn Mowings
Full Season Fertilization Program

MAX – Maximum Lawn Care
All Cleanups
Weekly Lawn Mowing
Seasonal Color Plantings
Full Season Fertilization Program

These are some of our most frequently asked questions regarding our business as well as our plan service descriptions.

Spring Cleanup
Begin by removing all debris from lawn and bedded areas. Beds will be cleaned and prepared for upcoming season. Lawn will be raked according to its severity of thatch. If seeding is necessary the areas will be aerated possible soil and top dressed with pen mulch or hay.
Schedule of Service – (Spring (March 1- April 31)

Fall Cleanup
Begins when leaves start falling and ends when everything is down. Service may be provided upon a weekly or bi-weekly schedule (dependent upon falling of leaf). Cleanups are done also (weather permitting). Heavy rains may delay pickup.

Ask the Landscaper - almost PERFECT FAQLawn Mowing
Will occur weekly if lawn is fertilized on a regular basis. Can possibly be shifted to every other week during hotter weather or drought. Will be mowed on bi-weekly basis when fertilization is not contracted. Mowing is “weather permitting” – we do not mow in heavy rains
Scheduling – April 15 through Nov 30) – Utilizing Walker Lawn Mower Equipment

Landscaped Bed Maintenance
Complete bed maintenance packages available for small businesses, medical facilities, shops, etc. Please call 201-389-6979 or e-mail us for information. On-site consultations are necessary to facilitate your request as specifications and options vary from one contract to another. Bed maintenance is inclusive of but not limited to:
Maintaining bed edge
Application of mulch as needed
Scheduled weeding during growing season
Plant care and fertilization services
Watering on a scheduled basis
We provide bed maintenance on both a residential and commercial service.

Fertilization Program Services

Lawn Fertilization – The application of fertilizer to cover areas designated by the owner’s specifications during the spring through fall seasons. Fertilizer to applied at manufacturer’s specifications unless otherwise directed and noted…….Treatment on a pre-determined schedule as per contract…..

Seasonal Color Plantings
Plantings begin in mid-March with a splattering of pansys to welcome spring. Cold hardy, they provide color and atmosphere to any setting.
Summer Flowering Annuals – plantings begin after last frost (mid-May). Please call or email us to set up an onsite consultation to determine materials and cost details….
Perennial Planting – planting of established beds with perennials. Available mid-March through November.
Fall Plantings – September through late October – Pansy planting to liven up fall landscapes.
Outdoor decor – fall holiday settings (corn stalks, scarecrows, pumpkins and more.

Selective Pruning
Only trained personal with direct guidance will either (naturally shape) selectively remove growth or prune shrubs to be maintained in area which is grown. Some plants have different needs and need attention during the season. Scheduled as per plant requirements with beds.

Lawn Restoration
recommended time of season – Fall. Can be done in early spring also. Usually involves restoration of subsoil and reseeding or sodding of barren or patchy areas of lawn and/or grass.

Gutter Cleaning
Unlike others we schedule cleanings according to need. Depending on what trees surround your house will depend on the frequency. Shade trees all have different life cycles and shed at different times. Upon arriving we examine the entire system to determine if any components need attention. If perhaps you want to eliminate gutter cleanings you may be interested in a gutter covering product which will eliminate the problem.

If you have questions that weren’t answered here please email us. We’d love to hear from you.

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