Plants for Slopes and Groundcovers

Plants for Slopes and Groundcovers - almost PERFECT Landscaping

Proper plant selection |  almost PERFECT Landscaping

Landscaping a slope is one of the hardest jobs around. Many of you have probably just given up on the idea of ever having a beautiful and useful landscape, but take heart; with proper plant selection you can have a stunning garden bed. First, take a long hard look at the existing slope. Are there any large boulders that perhaps could be arranged creating not only soil retention but a focal point to plant around? Is there an area that could maybe use a small maybe six foot in length three high arced retaining wall, again to hold soil and add to the appearance?

Use masses of plant types when landscaping steep slopes (and in all landscape design). Keep the taller ones at the top with the lower plants towards the bottom. Landscape steps and walkways can be created through the lawn or planted areas. They can also be designed to go around the sides of the slope, rather than through it. If the path is designed to go through planted areas, you can again use stepping stones. You can also just have a mulched path. Loose stone is another option. A mulched or stone path (especially the loose stone) should be edged.

Landscaping steep slopes may seem daunting at first, but a very nice landscape can be created. Just remember to use drought tolerant plants. Cover the planting beds with a three inch deep layer of mulch. Consider installing a sprinkler system. Plan on dense plant coverage by including masses of groundcover to deter weeds.

Examples of Plants for Slopes and Groundcovers are show below

Specific plant information available on plant name above image.

Rosmarinus officinalis prostratus - almost PERFECT Landscaping

Variegated Pachysandra terminalis

Juniperus horizontalis Wiltonii

microbiota decussata - Siberian Cypress

Ajuga Reptans Bugleweed - almost PERFECT Landscaping

Juniperus procumbens Nana

Cotoneaster Horizontalis - almost PERFECT Landscaping

Juniperus Horizontalis Blue Chip

Shore Juniper - Juniperus conferta

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