Landscape Projects in Bergen County

Landscaping Services in Bergen County

Touching up a Townhouse

Welcome to Spring City Pennsylvania the home of farms and town houses. Most townhouses are left with very little space to do anything with. Then, to top that off; these residences are all landscaped (according to builder association codes) with an unappealing four (4) shrub planting, toss in a tad of mulch and “see ya”. When I first saw this place I thought of the Pete Seeger song “little houses” which went something like this:

Planting in Paramus

This residential setting located in Paramus of Bergen County with its dark slate grey exterior, white shutters and a light slate grey paver entrance was screaming for color to make it shine. Using masses of all summer long blooming petunias, splashes of begonias throughout and the bright yellows of marigolds adding interest, the front bed area of the low-growing cypress and the hydrangeas was completely filled in.

Shade Garden Design and Build

Who says shade gardening can’t be interesting? This HoHoKus residence located in northern New Jersey was just that. The front of this house had sporadic patches of ground covers which weren’t very attractive and numerous areas of bare ground. Many shade and deer resistant plants have been selected so that this install flourishes with time. Some of the material’s selected were, Ilex Steeds, Variegated and other species of boxwoods, leucothoe, and vinca, a great ground cover for dense shade gardening.

Where the Wild Things are

Thirty Five Years! That’s how long I’ve been doing this; Twelve Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Five Days; Three Hundred and Six Thousand Three Hundred and I have never seen anything like this one before. When I pulled up to this little Suburbia mansion my first thought was that I had hit the Jack Pot. My second thought after conversing with them was I hit another Crack Pot. This unique client had one of the most unusual requests I had ever received in all the 35 years of me being in business. So much came out of left field so fast I couldn’t comprehend the scope of what the client was describing.