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This spring I received a phone call from a prospective new client inquiring about the possibility of getting a landscape project completed. When I arrived she explained to me that she was having a party in her small backyard in celebration of her son’s graduation. She also stated that she needed it completed in two weeks. The image to the right shows what I was dealing with.

I asked for a little time and then I cracked the books and worklog to see if I could somehow work this project into the mix. Fortunately for me, many of my scheduled projects and tasks were for clients that have been with me for a while, some years.

After speaking with a few of them; they, being completely understanding to the importance of her project and the circumstances that I was faced with, agreed to give me the slack I needed. Needless to say, the property owner was elated.

So what did we do? We’ll show you below…

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The issues I was confronted with were as follows:

1 – First of all any resemblance to a grass lawn was non-existent. Other service providers came in and tried to establish a lawn however the environment did not provide itself for lawn establishment. We both decided that eliminating the grass altogether would be the best solution. As the property currently was, no area in the backyard had any sort of flow, distinguishing features and/or visual appeal.

For starters we centered the fire pit in the section that mostly made sense. Simply said the trees needed a slight elevating. These trees also provided screening during the warmer months to create privacy between them and the neighbor’s unsightly property. A few Evergreen Green Giant Arborvitaes installed would soon give them the privacy screening they need.

The yard was then broken down into sections. Under the tree in the corner of the backyard was a make shift weed barrier that was old and not working as it should. A new weed barrier was installed and a decorative burgundy stone was laid on top of it in lieu of mulch. The client had a few planters in the back that she had not utilized. As shown we planted these containers with annuals so that she had seasonal color throughout the growing seasons.

The stone that we utilized created a nice contrast to all sections of the yard, adding visual appeal. Black mulch created more visual appeal where it abutted the burgundy stone area. We utilized a 4 inch aluminum edging to keep all the materials separated and to define the bed areas. The arced shape flowing bed line really made the back yard look sharp.

Exiting the back door our client usually had a hammock up just to get that well deserved rest he had deserved. A simple cement stone path to this area of relaxation gave the backyard totally what it needed. Oh yeah, I almost forgot – Just in Time For The Graduation Party Too…

For more information about Privacy Screenings with Plants visit our Plants for Landscape Screening Page where you can find detailed information on specific plants for privacy screenings.

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