Meet almost PERFECT Landscaping

Landscaping Services in Bergen County

Frank D. Porter / Owner APLNJ
Frank D. Porter


Our code states “We shall attract, develop and retain a superior work force and provide a safe working environment. We strive to create a climate of mutual trust and respect among all employees.

Courtney Porter - Office Manager, APLNJ
Courtney Porter

Office Manager

Our Office Manager is Courtney Porter, the daughter of owner Frank Porter. She is a graduate of Felician College,attaining a science degree and is currently pursuing her landscape design degree.

claudio - project manager

Project Mgr

Project Manager: 16 years Claudio has a broad knowledge on the maintenance of plants and their needs. He is one of the installers who gets along with everyone. He can figure out and build almost anything.

martine - almost PERFECT manager

Martine has been with the company over 18 years. He is responsible with Frank for the overall operation of almost PERFECT Landscaping

Carlos - APLNJ Maintenance Foreman

Maintenance Foreman 14 years: Responsible for the overall appearance of your property on a weekly basic. Carlos tries to look beyond the obvious things and looks for each properties individual needs.

augustine superviser aplny


Augustine has been with the company for almost 16 years. In charge of maintenance crews, he visits customer sites every two weeks for quality control and genuinely cares about all our customer’s needs.

If you seek GOD, look in a garden You can dig for HIM there… Ron came on board back in 2005 when on a whim I drove to Hershey, Pennsylvania seeking advice on landscape design software. I kept googling landscape design and software and he kept showing up on Page 1 of google as a…

benny and molly - APLNJ Staff
Benny and Molly


Benny is the only one who shows up on time every day, followed closely by his girl friend Molly who hangs out in the office all day also.