If you seek GOD, look in a garden

You can dig for HIM there...

Ron came on board back in 2005 when on a whim I drove to Hershey, Pennsylvania seeking advice on landscape design software. I kept googling landscape design and software and he kept showing up on Page 1 of google as a landscape designer and his work I must admit was impressive enough that I called and spoke with him about which program he thought was the “best BANG for the Buck”.

I tR. E. Straining - almost PERFECT i.T.ook his advice, purchased Earthscapes and was immediately “at a loss as to where to start” with it, so I drove to his place in Pennsylvania. He was to say the least “surprised” and at the same time “overjoyed and friendly”. Turned out we were of the same “caliber” as far as values go.

I thought he was just dabbling in landscape design, but after spending about 4 hours with him and seeing what all he could do with a computer and his design skills, I hired him on the spot to design and develop an online presence for almost PERFECT Landscaping.

Our current site and also our most extensive, is the 3rd undertaking we did together, each version drawing upon the strong aspects of the prior and implementing the new technologies and social integration of today.

Currently he takes care of:

  • Social Media Integration
  • Website Maintenance (so call him if something don’t work)
  • Website Updates
  • Google integration and structured data
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Research
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • anything else that comes down the pike

He resides in Colonial Park which is a suburb of Harrisburg, Pa. where he lives with his son Shaun who recently graduated with a degree in Graphic Design with an Adobe Creative Suite “certification”. An avid gardener, he often finds inspiration for his work from the wonders of nature and has created an “ARTIST’S PALETTE” in his back yard utilizing mother nature’s plants, flowers, trees and shrubs.