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    Residential Landscape Lighting
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Over the years I’ve learned that there are numerous and different reasons people choose to enhance their home with landscape lighting. By properly placing fixtures and selecting  the most appropriate beam spread, many interesting aspects of the landscape can be accented at night which otherwise would not. Everything from exquisite plant material to the architectural features of your home can be seen from afar.

Landscape Lighting Contractor in Bergen CountyAs people improve and enjoy the comforts of their homes, outdoor sanctuaries have become the new rooms to live and entertain in, from dusk to dawn. To ensure the functionality and flair of outdoor spaces, selecting a professional outdoor lighting planner and installer like aplnj is among the most important decisions a homeowner can make.

Then there is the issue of safety. Common features such as steps and stone walks can be hazardous to visitors at night and during the different conditions of the seasons if not properly lit. Landscape lighting provides an easy way to negotiate these pitfalls on your property.

Carefully planned, outdoor lighting can transform your property at night, turning trees, buildings and other landscape features into dramatic focal points. Exterior lighting is also essential for safety along paths and walkways, and around decks, patios, and stairs.

As your landscape evolves, plants mature, trees gain height and breadth, and shrubbery and flower beds continue to evolve. A lighting system must be flexible to encompass these changes. The minimal disruption of the initial installation and the ease with which changes are accomplished with a low voltage system are key factors in accommodating the slow-paced dynamic of the outdoor environment. Planning for the present includes planning for the future.

When properly installed, landscape lighting adds security. Many safety experts recommend outdoor lighting as an important component in a home security system. Next to alarms, a lighting system is one of the best deterrents to nighttime crime, including burglaries, vandalism and unwanted visitors. By illuminating hard-to-see areas of your landscape, you deter potential intruders and can have a detailed view of your property at any time.

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Before you invest in any landscape lighting, ask yourself what your purposes are for wanting illumination. Whatever you are thinking we will advise  you on the best possible options and solutions.

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