almost PERFECT Tenets

Landscaping Services in Bergen County

Angies List SUPER SERVICE AWARD WINNER – Eight straight years

Our organization has grown and prospered over the years because our people have adhered to a basic set of principles. These principles have served as the cornerstone of our business. It is what others expect of us, because it is what we demand of ourselves.

Our “Code of Conduct” as follows:

1 – Treat all people with fairness, dignity and respect.
2 – Conduct all our activities for the mutual benefit of all concerned.
3 – Conduct business using the basic principles of Honesty
4 – Work with determination, persistence and intelligence.
5 – Provide a pleasant environment for people to work and grow.
6 – Be responsible and accountable for our promises and all of our actions.
7 – Deliver a service that will exceed all expectations.
8 – Encourage employees to move ahead and create new innovative ideas.

The combined divisions of ALMOST PERFECT have a tradition of seeking and retaining the brightest and best employees. We are a family run business that adheres to corporate principles. Our code states “We shall attract, develop and retain a superior work force and provide a safe working environment. We strive to create a climate of mutual trust and respect among all employees. We provide opportunities for individual growth. We also increase competence through appropriate training and activities, which enables our employees to earn a wage which will support them and their families. We are an equal opportunity employer seeking new and innovative thinkers to join our team regardless of their trade, background and race.