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A retaining wall can enhance the value of your landscaping, buttress varying levels of turf, provide a wall for paver patios and driveways, or be a practical solution for drainage problems and erosion control measures. Retaining walls provide both form and functionality and can be used to create steps or level areas on a slope. Retaining walls can add visual interest and dimension. Almost Perfect Landscaping can build high quality retaining walls for commercial and residential clients in the Bergen County areas of northern New Jersey.

We design and build a vast array of retaining walls to suit your style and budget which include (but not limited to):

  • Block retaining walls
  • Natural stone retaining walls
  • Brick retaining walls
  • Treated pine retaining walls

Retaining walls make it possible to take advantage of steeply sloped areas that would otherwise be unusable. In this way, retaining walls add viable space, a valuable proposition for any homeowner.

Retaining Wall Design and Build in Bergen County

Retaining Wall Design and Build in Bergen County

Retaining Wall Design and Build in Bergen County

Retaining Wall Applications

  • Terracing – A terrace system can be created with almost any grade. Terraces are useful for footpaths and can provide additional planting or play areas.
  • Creating a flat area – A simple one- or two-layer stepping stone retaining wall design creates a terraced pathway. Or, if the grade isn’t too steep, retaining walls can create larger flat areas that are suitable for socializing. If the majority of your yard is comprised of a steep slope, adding a retaining wall can create the perfect place for kids to play and adults to relax.
  • Treated Wood Retaining Wall Design and Build - almost PERFECT LandscapingBenches – If positioned properly, retaining walls also make great benches or seatwalls, as we call them. The entire wall can function as a seating option, or you can design a custom bench to be located at a certain spot.
  • Decorative plantings – Retaining walls make great planters and can be used for decorative annuals, perennials, and even some shrubs and trees, depending on the size, space, and design of the retaining wall. Potted plants can be placed along the top of a retaining wall, while climbing and draping varieties can complement a retaining wall’s verticality. When the holidays come, you can line up Jack-O-Lanterns or decorative lanterns along your retaining wall.
  • Manage Water Runoff – One practical purpose of retaining walls is to manage water run-off. Retaining walls help slow the flow of water as it moves downhill. It is possible to combine retaining walls with rain gardens and other water management techniques.
  • Downhill Erosion – If water runoff is causing erosion problems, a retaining wall can help minimize this process. For instance, if your home is located at the bottom of a hill, a retaining wall can catch and hold back eroding soil before it rushes onto your property.

Building a retaining wall is not an easy task. The key to a successful wood retaining wall is the stone that is placed under and behind it. Many factors such as structural soundness and adequate provisions must be taken into consideration in order to solve potential drainage problems. When it comes to retaining walls, you need an expert with significant experience to ensure that the job is done correctly. The walls we build are both attractive and structurally sound.

Our retaining walls can range from very simple to extremely decorative depending on the materials used. We offer retaining walls in a wide variety of designs and materials. Our retaining wall design and build services can incorporate both free flowing arcs and straight designed walls depending upon the requirements and specifications of the project.

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