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This residential setting had a rear yard that was approximately 90 ft across with an area along the rear property line a solid 6-7 ft front to back along with rear of the property. The entire stretch of property line was an overgrown want-to-be wooded mess of an area and in need of serious landscaping to say the least. The homeowner, Scott, who has been a client of ours well over a year now, is a perfectionist and wanted a natural feel to the landscaping for his young children to grow up within.

We removed all the debris within the hill and installed a decorative retaining wall with a seat on top to add more space to the yard. The retaining wall, having two distinct heights adds interest and the center bed becomes a focal point of color throughout the season.

We then implemented a design featuring groups of ferns and seasonal color in the middle area with hollies (ilex-heleri), manhattan euonymus, and skip laurel planted throughout the left and right areas of the landscaped area. Note the accent rock in the middle of the yard in order to create a more natural look within the existing landscape.


Glen Rock, NJ


Retraining Wall / Landscape Design-Build

Project Mgr.

Frank D. Porter

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