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We completed this residential landscape design build project in late September / early October of last year. It was a complete “strip it down and rebuild” project tailored to a specific vision the property owners had. Site and bed layout, analysis of changing sunlight factors specific to bed location, plants meeting specific placement requirements and then throw in the overall design flow and the colors and sizes envisioned and well…

That brings us to foresight. Having a knowledge of which plant species go where, go with each other and last but not least fit the overall scheme of things. The fact of the matter is that thoughtful and knowledgeable design decisions can indeed reduce ongoing maintenance costs. By selecting the right plants for the right places, we can begin avoiding premature failure and replacement of the plant materials. One can realize his r.o.i. (return on investment) faster due to an increase in property value relative to sightly landscaping appearance due to proper plant health. The management of the construction process is crucial as well if the concepts are to become the built environment that was envisioned.

And if I must say so, this one shines! I had a strong feeling it was going to look nice, but man, when I pulled up I was blown away.

How many problems can be simultaneously solved or avoided, how many needs can be met, by making the right initial choices? And how can those choices be linked into a web of mutually-supporting solutions, creating a healthy economic social and ecological system that develops both better people and thriving nature?


–  Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, and L. Hunter Lovings  (Natural Capitalism –Creating the Next Industrial Revolution)

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