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Improving Property Value with Landscape Design | Build

Within the scope of this project page you will see a prime example of landscaping return on investment as related to your property value. You can see for yourself the condition of a recently purchased property and the appearance thereto. You can see examples of safety issues to address, examples of drainage issues, privacy enhancements and proper landscape design, build and layout and last but not least property appearance. Two walk through videos are available for your viewing taking you through the entire makeover with an explanation of what was done and what you are looking at (the one done upon completion of the entire planting and new landscape) the other showing the final new sod lawn installation as well; and links to research reports explaining landscape return on investment.

Curb appeal plays a significant role in tackling any outdoor project. Among REALTORS, 94 percent have suggested sellers improve their curb appeal before listing a home for sale. When working with a residential seller, 99 percent of NAR members believe curb appeal is important in attracting a buyer (79 percent very important, 20 percent somewhat important). Ninety-seven percent believe curb appeal is important to a potential buyer (66 percent very important, 31 percent somewhat important). NALP members report curb appeal is also very important to the majority of consumers when they hire a professional to tackle a project.


–  National Association of Realtors (Remodeling Impact Report: Outdoor Features)


–  Download/View the PDF (Landscaping Return on Investment)

Final Video walkthrough after planting with explanation of landscape design | build modifications


⦁ Liriope
⦁ Microbiota
⦁ Barbery
⦁ Holly Ilex
⦁ Hydrangea
⦁ Grasses
⦁ Green Giants
⦁ Boxwoods
⦁ Crape Myrtle
⦁ Variegated Hosta
⦁ Dwarf Alberta Spruce
⦁ Juniperus Horizontalis

Existing Residential Overview Before Landscape Design | Build Showing Numerous Safety Issues

Retaining Wall Design/Build | Paver Walkway Installation | Soil Rejuvenation (lawn and landscape)

The Benefits of Landscaping Appearance on Property Value – Walkthrough after Sod Installation


Overview of the front of the residence with new landscaping

New Paver Walkway with Landscape Beds and Arborvitae Screening

ALMOST perfect Landscaping of  Bergen County

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