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  • almost PERFECT Lawn Fertilization Services
    almost PERFECT Lawn Fertilization Services
  • almost PERFECT Lawn Care Services
    almost PERFECT Lawn Care Services
  • The Benefits of Lawn Care and Fertilization
    The Benefits of Lawn Care and Fertilization
  • Lawn Fertilization and Maintenance in Bergen County
    Lawn Fertilization and Maintenance in Bergen County
  • almost PERFECT Lawn Maintenance in Bergen County
    almost PERFECT Lawn Maintenance in Bergen County

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Season long fertilizing and weed control is a key ingredient in the overall health of your lawn. Fertilization is the key to having a bright green, patchless yard. Getting there starts with giving your turf and soil what it needs, when it needs it. We provide your lawn with nutrients and protection enabling them to grow deep and strong root systems, thereby providing a lush green lawn.

almost PERFECT Lawn Care and Maintenance ServicesHealthy lawns depend on many factors including adequate water for cell enlargement and evaporative cooling, sunlight and carbon dioxide for energy production, and oxygen for respiration. Lawn growth also depends on nutrients or essential elements absorbed by roots from the soil. When natural soil processes do not provide adequate supplies of these essential elements, fertilizer can be applied to maintain optimum turf grass growth.

Our process begins with a soil test to gauge and apply the right percentages of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus necessary to maximize the health and vigor of your lawn. Lawn fertilization works by providing sufficient nutrients, a key component of any beautiful and healthy lawn. And more than just making your neighbors envious, a healthy lawn helps cool the environment and improve air quality!

At almost PERFECT Landscaping, we know fertilizing. With an extensive knowledge of fertilizing methods and an expert landscaping team dedicated to you lawn’s health, we have the tools to rejuvenate even the most dilapidated and worn out of lawns.almost perfect lawn care fertilization After our initial lawn health analysis, we will customize a fertilizer treatment for your particular soil type and the plant life it sustains. We have a wide variety of organic, chemical and eco-friendly fertilizer treatments.

The almost PERFECT Benefits of Lawn Fertilization

  • Proper ingredientsLawn fertilizing services understand that fertilizer comes in a variety of mixtures, and that it’s important to determine which mix is best for your lawn’s individual needs. Fertilizer is comprised of three major nutrients:  nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium. almost PERFECT Lawn Care in Bergen CountyNitrogen makes grass plants grow and become greener; phosphorus stimulates root growth and seedling development, and potassium promotes disease and drought tolerance. The analysis of fertilizer indicates the percentage (by weight) of these three nutrients, and is printed on the outside of every fertilizer package—such as 10-10-10 or 20-5-10. These numbers represent the percentages of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in that particular mix.
  • Proper amountsFertilizing on the right schedule with the right ingredients works best when the proper amount is applied to your lawn. The first thing to do before applying fertilizer is to determine the square footage of your lawn. You can determine this figure by multiplying the length of your lawn by its width. Then, subtract the square footage of the house, driveway and areas not to be fertilized. For instance, if you have 34,020 total square feet, divide that number by the allowance per bag to get your answer:  34,020 / 5,000 = 6.8. You will need roughly seven bags of lawn fertilizer. 
  • Proper scheduling. Timing of fertilization treatments is equally important to achieve a healthy, green and thriving lawn. Proper lawn fertilizing service takes into account the “nitrogen release rate”. How fast the nitrogen is released determines how fast the grass will “green up”, how much it will grow and how long the results will last. Lawn grasses require a steady, controlled feeding to produce a thick, green lawn. Controlled-release fertilizers deliver just enough quick-release nitrogen to produce a fast greening, while the balance is released gradually by microbial action in the soil over a period of approximately 8 weeks. As a result, there is a constant supply of nitrogen for the grass.

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