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Flea and Tick Control in Bergen County

Flea and tick-borne illnesses are now a constant concern in Bergen County. They can cause a variety of symptoms, including paralysis. At almost PERFECT Landscaping, we take flea and tick control seriously. Our tick and flea control program is essential when ticks become a problem in the home landscape. Tick control is imperative due to the fact that parasites can carry Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, which are very serious illnesses that you don’t want to contact. Humans should be sure to take preventative measures to avoid all contact with ticks.

Lyme disease is caused by the bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi that may be transmitted by the deer tick or the western black-legged tick. This disease can infect your pets (most commonly dogs, cats, and horses) and humans. Lyme disease is an infection of the body tissues, and often leads to lameness. The complicated thing about Lyme disease is that the symptoms can often take several months to develop after infection, and even after the symptoms develop they can come and go, making diagnosis very difficult in both pets and humans. The most common symptoms seen with this disease in our pets are stiffness of limbs and joints, fever, lethargy, and loss of appetite.

You don’t want Lyme disease for your family, friends or pets. A close proximity to wooded areas and open fields, wildlife, and pets (yours or your neighbor’s) near your home, can lead to an infestation of disease carrying ticks and fleas. Removal of these parasites after an infestation can often be quite difficult. Ticks can be a serious threat, especially with children outside playing with pets and exploring and everything within sight. These insects can and do lurk in tall grass, amidst the wood piles, and can be found beneath your deck.

Fleas are another threat: they can transmit a bacterial infection like Cat Scratch Disease that can be passed on to pet owners, and can even carry tapeworms that, when the flea is swallowed, infests the pet. Flea control is also essential to your family’s and pet’s health. A flea removal program is important to the home environment, because fleas can easily be carried inside by pets or humans.

Our flea and tick treatments effectively control the insects through its entire life cycle. Our treatment lasts for approximately 3 months and is designed to help eliminate active fleas and ticks and combat new eggs as they continue to hatch. Although fleas and ticks pose a threat to pets year-round, they are most active during the warmer months, starting as early as March in our area. While spring brings sunshine and warm weather, it also brings ticks. When the weather heats up and outdoor activity increases, so do tick bites.

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