almost PERFECT Jasminum polyanthum

a breath of fresh air

As the seasons change and winter rolls in less time is spent outdoors and more time is spent indoors resulting in a likely change of air quality. Unbeknownst to many, as we go about our daily tasks, indoor toxins can have a dramatic and drastic impact on our well being and health, potenially leading to asthma, many allergies, inflamations and even some types of cancer. So what’s the solution? Simple. Use house plants, they are cost effective costing only a few dollars and taking care of them is both educational and relaxing.

Hindu Rope Plant

Moving indoor plants out

If you’re an active Bergen County, NJ plant enthusiast, then you likely already know that colder weather doesn’t have to mean the end to your gardening efforts. In fact, a large number of plant species thrive just as well indoors as they do outdoors. These indoor plant types include begonias, fuchsia, geraniums, boxwood and myrtle, caladium, and coleus, among many others