The Woodlands of Woodcliff Lake

It was 9-11-17 when I got a telephone call from a very unique woman regarding a woodland landscaping project. After our phone conversation, which was both informative and full of laughter; I thought to myself “this lady is one of a kind”. I always heard birds of a feather flock together so I suppose that’s why we got along so well right from the get-go.

Touching up a Townhouse

Welcome to Spring City Pennsylvania the home of farms and town houses. Most townhouses are left with very little space to do anything with. Then, to top that off; these residences are all landscaped (according to builder association codes) with an unappealing four (4) shrub planting, toss in a tad of mulch and “see ya”. When I first saw this place I thought of the Pete Seeger song “little houses” which went something like this:

Planting in Paramus

This residential setting located in Paramus of Bergen County with its dark slate grey exterior, white shutters and a light slate grey paver entrance was screaming for color to make it shine. Using masses of all summer long blooming petunias, splashes of begonias throughout and the bright yellows of marigolds adding interest, the front bed area of the low-growing cypress and the hydrangeas was completely filled in.