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Recently I had the pleasure to work on a home that perhaps one of the most famous American architect’s in this country had designed. How do I know? Just go to and find out for yourself. The Falling Water house instantly became famous, and today it is a National Historic site. The home that I was asked to work on was located in Englewood New Jersey. When I found out this I became so excited because one night flipping through channels I watched a complete documentary about him, his life, and his achievements. So let me explain.

Upon entering the front gate of this estate I saw a long arching a-frame home and didn’t know what to expect. As I glanced to the left and to the right all I could see were long streams of messy Pachysandra loaded with weeds that seemed almost impossible to clean. Located behind the ground cover there were a long row of taxus that were decimated by the local deer population.

The first question in my head was how to restore this house back to its original intended landscape. Our design consisted of long straight lines of deer resistant boxwoods that somewhat matched the original intention. We removed all the Pachysandra and were left with an extremely clean contemporary look. Accented under the Japanese maples we installed large groupings of Variegated Liorpe. The front door needed a complete overhaul to be simple and elegant. The solution we came up with was to change the direction your eye flow so it traveled up of the A frame residence instead of across the front.

We installed a fastigiated Norway spruce with an Alberta spruce it behind to accent the main feature plant. Changing it up with variegated Yucca made the front one simple  modern look. Upon entering the front lobby, we wanted to bring the focal point down again and this was accomplished with the installation of bluestone filled with a very decorative stone called Ash River Rock. In order to soften the long linear veneer stone, we installed a grouping of Dwarf Fountain grass. Upon completion the customer asked when we can start the next area.

almost PERFECT Landscaping of Bergen County

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