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Recently I received a phone call asking that I stop by a residence in Haworth to discuss a potential landscaping project the owner was considering undertaking. A previous so-called “landscape contractor” dumped a load of soil and dirt into a pile in the front yard, somewhat raked it out and then loaded it down with shrubs and grasses and then without any advice or information given regarding plant maintenance thereof, said “see ya”…

With no thought whatsoever given to water and its flow, this bed channeled the water down the berm instead of allowing it to soak into the soil, negating root growth and plant health. The deer eating the plants that did flourish didn’t help matters to say the least and because they were planted so close together, it was a mess.

And then to top it off, the entire front facade of the residence was devoid of any landscaping at all. Just a few undergrown, scraggly plants with the grass lawn invading what was supposed to be a bed.

What we did first was clear the bed. Many of the plants were could prune when necessary and/or divide and reuse, some of which were miscanthus grasses, pervoskia “Russian sage”, lambs ear “stachys” and other perennials. Then we rototilled the soil to a depth of approximately 6 to 8 inches and added fertilizers and soil amendments, after which we raked out the bed to proper slope to retain water within the bed.

We also incorporated the corner bed into the existing bed, creating a flowing landscaped bed of varying plant heights with seasonal color year round. We installed deer resistant plants properly planted as to height, growth, water needs and foliage color. Some of the plants we utilized were Fernspray Gold Hinoki Cypress, Miscanthus Grasses, Celosia, Pervoskia Russian sage, Viburnums, Ilex Hollies, Umbrella Pine, liriope and others.

This expansive kidney shaped bed now adds elegance and appeal to the residence; which itself is now accented by two landscaped beds with focal points within each. And that is how landscaping can and does add to your property value…

almost PERFECT Landscaping of Bergen County

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