Where the Wild Things are

Thirty Five Years! That’s how long I’ve been doing this; Twelve Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy Five Days; Three Hundred and Six Thousand Three Hundred and I have never seen anything like this one before. When I pulled up to this little Suburbia mansion my first thought was that I had hit the Jack Pot. My second thought after conversing with them was I hit another Crack Pot. This unique client had one of the most unusual requests I had ever received in all the 35 years of me being in business. So much came out of left field so fast I couldn’t comprehend the scope of what the client was describing.

Outdoor Living Area

The back yard at this residence in Hackensack, New Jersery was non-existent. There was none. In lieu of this we installed a thermal bluestone patio with the larger stones 24 inches by 24 inches (2 ft. x 2 ft.) with 6 inches of pea gravel in between to give it a more modern look as requested by the customer. Bluestone patios add a traditional, elegant look to any outdoor living space and this one was no exception.

Retaining Walls in Glen Rock

This residential setting had a rear yard that was approximately 90 ft across with a solid 5 ft front to back along with rear of the property. The entire stretch of property line was overgrown and in need of serious landscaping to say the least. We removed all the debris within the hill and installed a decorative retaining wall with a seat on top to add more space to the yard. The retaining wall, having two distinct heights adds interest and the center bed becomes a focal point of color throughout the season.