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For many years this client had an above ground pool in her backyard. It was great while the children were growing up, but now that they’ve “flown the nest” so to speak, this client wanted to simplify both her life, her time and her yard.

That being; there was only one solution, the Pool got to go!!!

I was called after the pool was removed and had to come up with a feasible yet practical solution to integrate this new found space into the existing landscape and create an area for their pet golden retriever to romp without worry. So it had to be both “simple and serene” and at the same time “cost effective and durable”.

In the small town of Senacus, New Jersey; most lots are about forty feet by seventy five feet (40 X 75). Thus space can become major concern. The client already had a large deck which could entertain about 25 people so a patio of some sorts was a bit redundant.Landscape Design and Build Senacus N.J.

Our quick solution to this backyard was to install a decorative stone to cover most of the area. A second larger stone was used to accent the overall look, these being placed close to the lattice to accent the deck area and around the perimeters elsewhere.

Then a bed area for a privacy screening was created utilizing arborvitae “green giants” with daylilys and coleus interspersed throughout the bed for season long color, accented by the lush green of the shrubs.

The evergreen trees were trimmed to a height allowing for passage beneath and this was the planted with azaleas spaced out and coleus and begonias again interspersed for season long color. A wood planter was added for an accent or focal point and garden décor hung from low growing branches to bring in the birds and wildlife. A pagoda was added for interest within this bed.

Finally a bamboo screening was added across the entire width of the fence behind the aforementioned bed. This created a serene and pleasant backdrop to the entire bed and opens up many more possibilities for the client with regards to garden décor and accents.

It might not be PERFECT; but it’s almost PERFECT

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