an almost PERFECT Landscaping residential makeover

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an almost PERFECT residential redo


Right Front Yard Before Showing GroundcoverAn old, sturdy and tall standing Oak, struck by lightning toppled and damaged not only the home’s roof and front facade; but destroyed and damaged most of the landscaping and lawn area of the property.

As such, basically, this was starting with a “clean slate” from scratch.

Unruly and overgrown groundcover was thriving everywhere and had to be removed and replaced with good soil and then planted with grass. After removing the groundcover we roto-tilled the entire lawn areas and added some organic soil and fertilizer and then we utilized a fast growing rye grass and seeded the areas thoroughly to promote new growth.

The client was going for a much cleaner look with instant color.

Within the beds we chose slower growing plants in order to maintain or preserve space as long as possible. We used Ilex crenata ‘Steeds’ on both sides at the front entrance. Known for its lustrous deep green foliage that becomes darker with age, keeping gardens in green color all year. Small white flowers bloom in early spring followed by tiny, dark purplish-blue berries in late summer throughout winter. These are frequently enjoyed by wildlife.

Within the front beds we planted variegated boxwoods, placed a hinoki cypress in the right bed as a focal point, surrounded by azaleas and boxwoods with begonias and impatiens for season long colour.

Property Line Bed PlantedIn the left bed we planted Pinus Pavaflora, It is a coniferous evergreen tree, growing to 15–25 m in height and is usually as broad as it is tall, forming a wide, dense, conical crown. The leaves are needle-like, in bundles of five, with a length of 5–6 cm. To the left of that we placed a “weeping cherry” tree.

In this arced property line bed that intersects with the left front bed, are planted azaleas, roses, boxwoods, some conciliar Hollys and again the begonias and impatiens.

Another satisfied customer.

almost PERFECT Landscaping – 2016 “super service awards” from angies list for the SIXTH (6th) straight year. Now that’s service. SERVICE YOU CAN COUNT ON…

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