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This lawn maintenance client of ours came to me and explained how he was very unhappy with the entrance walk to his residence from the driveway and not looking forward to another winter of snow and ice upon it.

Paver Walkway BeforeNot only was it unattractive in appearance with clumps of grass and mounds of debris between the flat stones, it was unsafe. It sloped in different degrees and variations from one stone to the next, when he runs his snow blower over it to move snow, it gets hung up on the mounds and ice would build up between the stones, and makes the task so much harder.

What our crew did was take the existing stones out, mark out the foundation and/or perimeter of the entrance walkway, tamp the ground and add a base of small stone, which also was tamped, and then reinstalled the old stone and added matching stone as needed to create a smooth flowing and clean looking entrance to the residence.

By the driveway, where before the walk just abruptly ended, we cut out a beveled piece and utilizing this angled cut paver created a more interesting and safer turn around area at the driveway. This also makes it easier to negotiate the turn when moving larger items from within or into the residence.

Almost PERFECT Landscaping – “Paver Installation” in Bergen County


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Residential Paver Entrance Walkway Installation

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