Hoboken 2nd Floor Garden/Living Area

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Who says you can’t garden in the city. Not having a yard certainly doesn’t preclude anyone from having a garden. Balcony gardens can be intimate, manageable, useful, and absolutely stunning. Take a look at these tips for creating an outdoor, verdant space you’ll love.

This 2nd story deck was pretty disturbing prior to us getting there. First we removed all the existing vegetation and began laying out the design with all the new material in sight. This project had some existing planter boxes to which we accented with beautiful terra cotta. These new planters were purchased at Lowes and what a bargain they were.

How can you soften up the walls of an existing 100 foot wall? Bamboo! The custom planter boxes we designed in the corners all came with a 12 inch seat to create more sitting space while entertaining.

Then you need to consider the microclimate of your own outdoor space. In particular, what kind of light does your space get and how many hours of it? Is your balcony windy or sheltered? Is it perpetually shady? The answers to these questions will narrow down the specific types of plants that will be happiest in your balcony garden.


Hoboken, NJ


2nd Floor Deck Garden/Living Area

Project Mgr.

Frank D. Porter

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