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A clean slate, that’s what this residence was. This project was so much fun to do. The weather was fantastic, the home is beautiful and we were there basically like artists painting with mother nature’s palette. We had evergreens, annuals, perennials and flowering shrubs to implement into the design. The color selection of the pinks purples and whites blended extremely well with the color of the house and really provided accents and focal points, drawing one’s attention.

Plants such as the evergreen shrubs, the hollies and euonymus provide year round color, different textures, growth habits and foliage. With proper plant placement, their growth habit and form often provide extraordinary contrasts and focal points or accents within the landscape design.

The bed to the right placed in the front lawn area features a deciduous red maple with a small dwarf blue spruce. Planted within this bed are masses of annuals for year round color.


Teaneck, NJ


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Frank D. Porter

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