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When this client bought this house she inherited a landscape in the front of the residence consisting of barren soil with sparse groundcover here and there in straggly clumps and strands with a row of unsightly and aged azaleas across the entire front façade of the residence. They say appearance is everything, well that appearance didn’t say too much at all. Within a few weeks she knew she wanted a new look and a new landscape company.

We provided her with an estimate and within one week completed this rather decorative fall foundation planting. Our install included both flowering material and slow growing evergreens. Three hollies now add foliage and form to the front of the house and mums were planted throughout for fall color.

Come spring time these beds will be awash in colorful displays of daffodils, planted in masses which we planted. This entire front bed can easily be transformed for season long color with the implementation of some perennials, such as daylilys, hostas, balloon flowers, etc, and adding in some annuals for splashes of season long colour.

What a welcoming feeling upon entering this house. The entrance of the driveway was also addressed to look very beautiful as this customer arrived home from a hard day’s work.


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