Frank D. Porter, owner and operator of Almost Perfect Landscaping, began his early education at Hackensack High School. Next he attained his BA degree in Marketing at Saint Peters College of Jersey City. Following St. Peters, he attained certificates at Rutgers Cook College for Landscape Architecture. While running his company, his passion to help people drove him to further seek higher education in the School of Social Work, also at Rutgers.

Tenafly Landscape Design Build

This property located in Tenafly, N.J. entailed a complete landscape design build makeover. The entire lawn and landscaped areas were both neglected and the beds were overgrown with scraggly shrubs and ground cover growth and as such the appearance was very unsightly and not usable for family and friends.

Paramus NJ Landscape Design Build

This property located in Paramus, N.J. entailed a complete landscape design build makeover. All existing lawn and bed areas were in dire straits, need a thorough cleaning and weeding before we could even begin to move forward. Within some of the landscape areas were concrete and block paver stones, long neglected and serving no purpose anymore which we removed. Being mostly sun areas, there were however shade garden beds wherein the landscaping needed to incorporate plants that thrive within the full spectrum of sun to shade gardening.

Landscaping Makeover in Ridgewood

Within the scope of this project page you will see a prime example of landscaping return on investment as related to your property value. You can see for yourself the condition of a recently purchased property and the appearance thereto. You can see examples of safety issues to address, examples of drainage issues, privacy enhancements and proper landscape design, build and layout and last but not least property appearance.

Beautyberry Callicarpa Americana - almost PERFECT Landscaping

Don’t Prune that Beautyberry

Within the past few decades, a native American shrub has been slowly making the transition from it woodland and forest habitat to backyards throughout New Jersey. What’s puzzling about it is just how long it took homeowners to realize that Callicarpa American (Beautyberry) is both an attractive addition to any landscape as well as a valuable source of food for many types of wildlife. Most of the time though, you’ll look at it and wonder why it’s name alludes to beauty? Then bam, fall arrives and this plant gets busy.

Japanese Zen Gardening

Zen Rock Gardens defy the definition commonly thought of as a garden in almost every manner speaking. There are no places with row after row of lush trees and shrubs, a gazebo to gather in or even no pond filled with fascinating koi fish. According to Japanese philosophy, rocks represent a sense of power and desire. In a Zen garden, rocks represent islands and are surrounded by raked gravel which represents water.